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5 things you should know about Project Shop Version 2.0

Here’s 5 major things that have changed since our previous version of Project Shop.

  1. Branding
  2. Behance Portfolio Function
  3. Featured Listings
  4. Brand Ambassador Badge and Verified Profiles
  5. Negotiable Budgets for Projects


We have rebranded! Our brand identity, logo and even our website url has changed.

Our brand now is more representative of what we’re about — of connections and engagements between the client and the creative. If you’d like to find out more about how we designed the logo, and to look at our brand identity, head over to Logo Design or Brand Identity.

Behance Portfolio Function

We’ve added a new function that allows Creatives to link Behance portfolios to their Project Shop Profiles.

All you need to do is add your Behance username to your Project Shop profile, when you click the Edit Profile button.

For example, if your Behance link is,, you’ll need to add what comes after, in this case, “thefussyco” to the Project Shop Behance Name.

Featured Listings

Whether you’re a Creative or a Client, Featured Listings will benefit you in various ways.

Client — For projects that require more attention or are urgent, we have in place, Featured Project Listings. It gives more emphasis to your project, allowing higher engagement rates and higher viewership counts, as it is placed on priority above other projects. You may view the rates of getting your project featured over at Pricing.

Creative — If you’d like to market your personal brand or to increase your chances of being invited for projects, we have in place, Featured Profile Listings. It gives more emphasis to your profile, allowing higher viewership counts while positioning yourself as a cut above the rest, as you will be placed on priority above other profiles. You may view the ratesof getting your profile featured over at Pricing. (We can only do this via our Contact Form at this point in time. Future updates will include automation of this process.)

Brand Ambassador & Verified

We’ve included extra functions for creatives to further stand our amongst the crowd.

Verified — They have had their portfolio and working experiences reviewed by our in-house team, and proved to have a stellar record of professionalism.

Brand Ambassador (Badge) — By invitation only.

Negotiable Project Budget

We understand that rates might not be fixed and that clients might have an open budget for certain projects. Therefore, we’ve included an option for clients to post a Negotiable Budget. This allows creatives to freely give their quotes based on the project brief as well.

Further Developments Coming

We’ll be working on developing Project Shop further, and keeping you updated with what has been upgraded or newly implemented. Let us notify you when new and improved functions are up! Notify Me

Brandon Lim
July 1, 2018